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“The most IMPORTANT part  needed  for man  to build  is……the WILL to do it!”



Welcome to TJSNYMAN  Forum. This is the main page so anything goes here that doesn’t fit anywhere else.The artwork I designed in the header reflects the interests of this forum wich are technology,materials,tips and techniques on manufacturing. Please feel free to  leave comments ,pictures and start new threads! .as long as it’s  CLEAN….HONEST   and simple to edify mankind! .

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12 Jan 2011..Smell the Coffee!…..I ran accros this e-Book by Steven Vogel …”Lifes Devices ” a few jears ago and is definitely worth mentioning  here at opening. This book is just so intriguing to me.  Its formulates just about anything in life , and his aproach to everyday walk of life is phenomenal. For example He wil analyze and formulate a simple thing like this:

When you make coffee in the kitchen and smell it back in the bedroom ,Its a simple act of nature(  diffusion) that we never even think of how it occurs.(especially that time of morning),he discuss in detail the phenomena of molacular diffusion and in inhomogeneity with regards to abient temperatures and pressure differences, brings all variables in play to do one thing Smell the Coffee!.

 If youre a handy man that likes to apply science and math  in everyday life this book is a must for your Library. He wrote a few books that is just amazing…..1-Comparative biomechanics……2-Life in moving fluids…..3-Mechanical design in organisms….go check’m out. Just the cover  says it all!

Go check’m out!

Ps.. Check out  this coffee  art, Its Ceeeewl! (I mean HoT!)

Some other Cool links:

1-How it works.

2-How its made videos  ( youtube, If a picture says a million words a video says billions)

Another must have book is MECHANISMS and MECHANICAL DEVICES by Neil Sclater and Nicholas P. Chrironis

More to come!

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