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Last updated-16 Jan 2011- Technological advances give birth to this site in Nov 2010 and pages will be filled on a weekly basis, on both this main site and the forum .

Over the last years a lot of people have asked me to post some of my Jewelry and general research, methods,techniques,tips and tricks. I will help and give you all the info I have ,I am by no means a "Einstein" all I am doing is share what my little brain could contain over the last 45 years of my life. On my site you will find a variety of links, components and tools you can use. I have dozens of links to other pages, You-Tubes, music etc. So please free to use this info at at your own leisure and RISK of course.I said RISK because not all of my endeavors is safe. Use your own discretion and mostly common sense.I am a person that speaks my mind, and if the honest truth offends you ,sorry,take a deep breath and click on the red "X" top right,There are many sites out there that will bend the truth or just blatantly lie to advance their favor.They might tell you what you want to hear.

Please leave comments on the "TJ.Snyman Forum" on the menu to the left or E-mail ,I will highly appreciate an honest comment,positive or negative. I will never be offended nor will I be intimidated by anyone with a honest comment or critique.So please,feel free to speak your mind. No stupid and idiotic remarks please.

My field of interest is rather broad ,it range from making jewelry to airplanes ,Yes I know Crazy, but just who I am.It overlaps in many fields and is sometimes hard to categorize .On the first try my endeavors is not always successful ,so failure is nothing new to me.But the sweet taste of success, YEAH! That's what drives me!.
My motto :

SUCCESS is made up of half LEARNING and half YEARNING ☺

LEARNING = stubbornness² x (tribulations + failures + experience + perseverance)²
YEARNING = Well, what can I say,If you ain't liking it, it ain't gonna happen!
. Technology became very advanced, inexpensive and accessible to everyone.No one has an excuse to be illiterate anymore.I remember 17 years ago I had a architectural draughting buro in South Africa,we were running pen plotters on 386 computers 40 megs hard drives,256 megs of ram Whoo!high tech!.

For my hobbies, robotics and electronics the local libraries had very limited research material.It took for ever to get somewhere. Back then the web had the online bulletin boards,wich was outrageously expensive.Then came online web service providers...Yeeaaah!!. That changed the lifestyle for everyone on this planet.Computers became fast,big ram and inexpensive. And I was in my glory. Instantaneously we had access to everything humanly possible right at my fingertips.!.

The only problem I have now is not computer ram but S.N.S (Skull Neuron Storage).That's right, my personal memory bank in my brain is getting too small to prosess all this info at the rate I used to. I just can not remember it all anymore.That was another motivation to start this website,one storage accessible from anywhere. I am also using a lot of online forums which I will link.Forums are great!,a a lot of enthusiastic,passionate and dedicated people discussing there common interest. What a good place to learn from and retrieve information.
I am an aggressive learner and explorer,I hope you do the same surfing my site,Let us use all the our knowledge to to bring peace to this world and edify mankind.☺

Please bookmark me. I have made a Favicon(the red and white shield logo) for easy recognition in the URL bar(the very top white address bar where you type stuff), drag and drop it on your desktop or bookmark in your favorites. This is the first time I am designing a website in pure "raw" Html,PHP and java code (no editors) so please bear with my mistakes , until I work my way through all the codes, missing pages and brain cramps.

5 Jan 2011

I find myself posting a lot more on TJ.SNYMAN Forum on the left menu towards the top. I think eventually I will transfer the whole site to the forum.It is just so much quicker to post and save me tons of time. It is also much more interactive an intuitive. At the moment I am still working out some kinks, like posting pics. in the comments bar and the menu have some double displays. Use the side menu for now.
Thank you for reading.

"Tolerance implies respect for one onother, not because we are right or wrong but because we are human. "